When Choosing a Contractor for Your Home Repairs

Some things that I have found very important when choosing a company or individual to complete home repair projects are as follows…

REFERENCES! Always check a companies references when hiring. Anyone can talk-the-talk but can they walk-the-walk!? You want to be sure that they have left their previous customers satisfied with their product.

INSURANCE! Make sure that anyone doing work around your home has obtained the proper insurance before beginning projects. Ask for a copy!

WRITTEN PROPOSAL! Always make sure to get what the scope of the project is, in writing before anything in your home is worked on.

GO LOCAL! Hire a local contractor that way if there is ever a problem you will know that they will be around to fix it.

PRICE ISN’T EVERYTHING! Never pick the cheapest price when looking to have any kind of home renovation projects done. There has to be some overhead in order to keep any good business growing and keep insurances up to date.